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Introducing EtposChain Network, the first ecosystem where all Blockchain services are unified on a single platform.

In-Depth Technology Insights

EtposChain aims to provide help and support to projects looking to expand beyond their existing blockchain and build on EtposChain.


ETPOS distinguishes itself as a dedicated blockchain, marrying application logic with independent community governance..


EVM Compatibility

Offering unparalleled compatibility with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), ETPOS provides top-notch performance and fully compatible equipment.


Massive User Base

ETPOS is designed to handle daily active users and peak EVM transactions with economic efficiency. Unlocking Possibilities with ETPOS.


A Call to Action Migrate to EtposChain

The rallying cry to migrate to EtposChain is more than a transition;
it's an invitation to join a thriving community committed to progress.

Connect with EtposChain

ETPOS Mainnet

Network Name: ETPOS Chain

Network URL: https://rpc.etposchain.com

ChainID: 1689

Currency symbol: ETPOS

Explorer V1: https://mainnet.etposchain.com


Network Name: ETPOS TestNet

Network URL: https://rpc.testnet.etposchain.com

ChainID: 6660

Currency symbol: tETPOS

Explorer V1: https://testnet.etposchain.com

The beginning

EtposChain is a leader in the blockchain industry, committed to offering advanced solutions for decentralized applications. Through ETPOS, its decentralized smart contracts platform, EtposChain aims to revolutionize the landscape of blockchain technology.

The ETPOS ecosystem showcases its commitment to versatility, embracing secure peer-to-peer transactions, microtransactions, conference and community currencies, DeFi, NFTs, DAOs, and games. Originating in Indonesia, EtposChain takes pride in expanding its global reach, providing cost-effective solutions to users worldwide.

ETPOS stands as a symbol of excellence, seamlessly integrating Web3, GameFi, Metaverse, and decentralized applications. With full compatibility with Ethereum's contracts and dApps, EtposChain leads the way in blockchain innovation, offering a dynamic, interoperable platform across Ethereum and similar EVM chains.

Infrastructure Elements

Proof of Burn authority (PoBA) is an algorithm utilized with blockchains that enables relatively rapid transactions. In PoBA-based networks, transactions and blocks are authenticated by authorized accounts, referred to as validators. What sets PoBA validators apart is their specific commitment to burning a certain number of tokens. It does not rely on nodes solving arbitrarily complex mathematical problems, but instead employs a group of "authorities" - nodes that are explicitly permitted to generate new blocks and safeguard the blockchain. The chain must be approved by the majority of authorities in order to become a permanent part of the record.

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